Get ready for Ultrahack- the biggest hackathon in Europe!

Do you have an awesome business concept or a product which deserves the world's attention? If so, this may be your moment to shine!

Ultrahack is the biggest hackathon ever organized in Europe and it has opened its’ pre- selection process for all the startups and developers with brand new ideas related to any of these eight focus areas, which represent the Ultrahack challenges:

Never give up on your dream...

This blog post originally appeared on my Medium account

Recently I realized that in order to have success in my life and achieve my goals of having a successful business is to follow my dreams and not what others say about them.

Why you ask?
Well, I’m both a dreamer and a designer, which means I have a big bag of crazy ideas for startups and business plans that have never seen the day (yes, I know how to write a business plan).

Mommy, mommy where do ideas come from?

Are you one of those people who really want to start a business of their own but don't, just because they cannot come up with an idea that will change the world? I might just have good news for you... you don't need it!

Before you start your own company, you must understand that the role of the products and services the business sector provides have never been meant to be lifechanging. That is just a side effect! The purpose of everything customers buy has always been and still is to make people's life easier. That's all!

Don't wish for it, work for it!

Motivation is the key to work

In most of the cases in my life I faced problems whenever I was supposed to start working. Whenever I had to start a new assignment, I just sat there staring at the walls thinking that something will eventually happen. Of course, in the end nothing happened and I would catch myself procrastinating and getting stressed over my work not getting done.

Unlike many of those posts that present secrets which get your work magically done, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This post will show you my tricks and tips for getting your job done, and not feeling bad while doing it.

Don't ever be afraid to take risks for they make the life worth living.

So we begin...

I know that this would seem more like a 'hello world' thingy, rather than a blog, but I believe not introducing ourselves and how we got to Fox Media House, would be a bit rude. So, here's the story!

Like myself, I'm pretty sure that most of you believe starting a business is a long mysterious process and it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to do it. People who have started their business have all figured out before they make the move, right? Actually, sometimes, on very very rare occasions, that really is the case... But sometimes, it goes a lot like this...