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So we begin...

I know that this would seem more like a 'hello world' thingy, rather than a blog, but I believe not introducing ourselves and how we got to Fox Media House, would be a bit rude. So, here's the story!

Like myself, I'm pretty sure that most of you believe starting a business is a long mysterious process and it takes a lot of effort and knowledge to do it. People who have started their business have all figured out before they make the move, right? Actually, sometimes, on very very rare occasions, that really is the case... But sometimes, it goes a lot like this...

Almost a year ago, I got into a professional transition period and managed to move from a business incubator job I had for five years, to an accelerator and another accelerator, till I realized none of it was me anymore. I went through a lot of job adds, even applied for a few positions, but really hoped I will get none of them. Then, it popped out to me I overgrew being someones' employee. Working with young people making their dreams come true for so long has 'infected' me with that 'startup fever' and I no longer wanted to be a part of the support team working behind the curtains. I wanted to get on the stage.

As any business story it all starts with a business plan... errrr... wrong again... it all starts with a team. Don't get me wrong, business planning is a really important deal, but what creates the real values is the people that you work with! I started with some business planning myself for the first days, too. I would wake up in the morning, write a business plan all day, do research, calculate... and delete it all in the evening! It just all seemed so stupid!

Then I was contacted by a distant colleague I worked with on a project, asking me if I'd like to be a part of the team that will commercialize the idea. Of course, I said 'yes' and this is how this whole thing begun. Vasil joined the team as a lead developer and along with a few other people we started the planning. Few weeks later, we got to a point where we had way too distant opinions on the future development of the project. We were moving into one direction and the other ones decided to take the course of the initiator.

The three of us who agreed to make substantial changes in the project left the team and decided to try ourselves in making a product of our idea, who looked nothing like the original one anymore. Vasil was the developer, I was the product manager and we had a project manager, with who we decided to split as well, a few months later due to managerial mismatch.

What we really needed was a designer and we were missing one for a pretty long time. I contacted Igor and we decided to hire him to create the mockups. But, Igor as crazy as he is, he is too worthy to be an employee. So that is how we got through the rather long process of our team formation!

After finding the people who working make seem less like a job, the things got quite easier. We decided to start outsourcing, so we would have enough funds and create bigger development team to will work on our product. This story may look like we lack planning, but in the dynamic world of startups, figuring things along the way is the only way that seems right. Fox Media House is a company based on our own strengths, knowledge and experience, but we will not be another outsourcing company. We like creating, but in a form of modeling things with our own style.

That is why outsourcing will be a means to shape up our product idea, our own big dream. Since we all share the passion to work with startups, all we can say is they are our primary target group for it, but that is a whole other story...

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