A dose of inspiration #1

Something that you will see a lot on this blog for design is motivation and inspiration. That's why i present you with... A dose of inspiration. A personal choice of few designs that will motivate you and inspire you to create. You'll see a lot of inspiring choices that i find and collect for motivation. So let's start.

A fantastic application UI Design by SMHYLMZ

Pretioso by SMHYLMZ

Poster by UJz

Designn's 4th Anniversary Poster by UJz

Poster by samadarag

Try to keep it simple by samadarag

Design by DragosBubu

High Magnitude by DragosBubu

Layout Web Premium Beef by danillomtv

Layout Web Premium Beef by danillomtv

And that is for starters people, be sure the next issue will be a bit longer than this one. Until then, cheers

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