Never give up on your dream...

This blog post originally appeared on my Medium account

Recently I realized that in order to have success in my life and achieve my goals of having a successful business is to follow my dreams and not what others say about them.

Why you ask?
Well, I’m both a dreamer and a designer, which means I have a big bag of crazy ideas for startups and business plans that have never seen the day (yes, I know how to write a business plan).

What designers hate when they get a new project

Since we've started working in our little home that has foxes running around we get quotes from clients and we try to respond as fast as possible. But that is not the part of this story. The part of this story is about getting information which is relevant to your project and details which can help you achieve the final goal, and that is the perfect web site or the perfect design or the perfect campaign, you choose. 

Here's a scenario... Someone is asking for a design. The initial text I get for the design is: