Make Website Design Decisions in Your Browser: My Process for Designing Websites

A lot has been said about different approaches to website design. With the rise of responsive design as an industry standard, our approach to designing websites and interfaces has changed as well. In the past, the process was streamlined in stages (such as planning, wireframing, designing, slicing, developing, testing and publishing). Nowadays, with device landscape changed as well (mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and even watches) it’s a lot harder to keep everything consistent and functional across all devices.

What designers hate when they get a new project

Since we've started working in our little home that has foxes running around we get quotes from clients and we try to respond as fast as possible. But that is not the part of this story. The part of this story is about getting information which is relevant to your project and details which can help you achieve the final goal, and that is the perfect web site or the perfect design or the perfect campaign, you choose. 

Here's a scenario... Someone is asking for a design. The initial text I get for the design is: 

A dose of inspiration #1

Something that you will see a lot on this blog for design is motivation and inspiration. That's why i present you with... A dose of inspiration. A personal choice of few designs that will motivate you and inspire you to create. You'll see a lot of inspiring choices that i find and collect for motivation. So let's start.

A fantastic application UI Design by SMHYLMZ

Don't wish for it, work for it!

Motivation is the key to work

In most of the cases in my life I faced problems whenever I was supposed to start working. Whenever I had to start a new assignment, I just sat there staring at the walls thinking that something will eventually happen. Of course, in the end nothing happened and I would catch myself procrastinating and getting stressed over my work not getting done.

Unlike many of those posts that present secrets which get your work magically done, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This post will show you my tricks and tips for getting your job done, and not feeling bad while doing it.