LogoLounge the world renowned website for logo design has released their logo trends report. The trend report for 2017 is very interesting and as Bill Gardner the founder of LogoLounge gives a fantastic review of what trends have appeared and which ones have survived through the year from 2016.

The key elements for 2017

As Bill reports there are three main characteristics of 2017 in logo design.

  1. Last year, simplicity ruled the roost, and it still does. We’re still coming out of that period, and it’d be fair to say that the pendulum has barely moved. Simple shapes, lines, type, and forms either converged or played solo to create solid, lasting marks that are easily interpreted. If anything, we’re starting to see a bit of an upswing with more attention given to those really simple elements that we were looking at last year.
  2. Stripes have appeared in massive abundance, being used in concentric circles, letterforms, and patterns to indicate movement, like chevrons, zig zags, and waves.
  3. Geometry is really coming in to play. Geometric shapes and forms that create multidimensional logos, often using monolines, were prevalent.

In the full report there are design elements that are still not mature enough to become a graphic design trend. Especially in the logo design business.

The key trends and elements that are prevailing the logo design are:

  • Simple overlays
  • Simple designs
  • Fading elements
  • Shadows
  • Rising colors
  • Ellipses
  • MultiCentric
  • Text boxes
  • Yin Yang
  • Pasta bends
  • Wrapped
  • Micro Lines
  • Doubles
  • Wings
  • Color Split

Trends are a thing that come and go so easily. Some of these trends are here to stay for a while. In my personal opinion, color splits, doubles, text boxes and ellipses are here to stay for a while therefore becoming timeless. Although, some of them are good for the moment and as a trend keep in mind that you should not go into a trend too much. That trend might be as well as gone tomorrow.

To see the entire report click on the link below:

2017 Logo Trends – LogoLounge


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