This project started off as a way to explain my students how they can do design in simple black and white lines.
Thus the project named "Welcome to Tetovo" was born. An idea in which i represent the beauty, locations and monuments in our beloved town. These are the things you are most likely to be told about. This project will continue on and on, as i have couple of more monuments and locations to add. All of the designs are symbols of the City of Tetovo and it's area.
Church St. Cyril and Methodius
Built in 1918, it's one of the most beautiful churches in Polog region.
Dating from VI century BC, the Menada was a companion to the god og wine Dionis. The statue was found in the city of Tetovo
Painted Mosque
Built by the Ottoman empire this is one of the most beautiful things that you can see in Tetovo.
Tetovo Apple
If you are into apples you can't come to Tetovo and not taste the sweetnes that this apple has to offer.
River Pena
The river itself start way up in Shar Mountain only to work it's way to feed the Polog region and water it's plants and crops. The stone brigdes that go througout Tetovo help pedestrians cross from one to the other side of the river that cuts through the city.
Sports center
The sports center or as locals call it "Sportski". The place where sports enthusiasts come to enjoy their activities and where little kids come to enjoy the playground with slides and swings.
Tetovo beans - "Tetovski grav"
The most famous food from this region and what Tetovo is most known for is the beans. Specific for it's size and the taste, once you come to Tetovo you must try "Tavce gravce". It is also registered as trade mark of the region.
Shar Mountain & Popova Shapka
The national treasure of this city is it's great mountain full with varios species some of them endemic. On the mountain itself there's one of the greatest ski centers with many freeride terrains - Popova Shapka.