It has been some time since I wrote a post but here it is, 5 tips and tricks to make Android faster and more reliable. A question that any new or even maybe an experienced Android user asks. Even though this blog mostly relies on graphic design, I sometimes want to share some tips and tricks regarding any random topic that I get acquainted with.

So, let’s not milk it anymore let me tell you how to make your Android device faster.

Here are our 5 tips and tricks to make your android device faster

#1 – Do not trust any booster application

Just like on a computer, these booster applications only slow down your phone and don’t make it run faster. Uninstall the application if you have downloaded it from the play store yourself. If however, it comes preinstalled on your phone as bloatware you have two options. Either you root your device and have access to removing the software (apps like Kingo Root can help you root your device), or go to Settings -> Apps find the application and have it disabled.

The so called “booster” in Android Play Store only boosts battery consumption and nothing else. Also, your phone has a built-in app that can speed up your phone and clean it from unnecessary files and cached data that make it slower.

NOTE: Rooting your device will make your warranty void. Do this only if your warranty is passed.

#2 – Remove unused applications

You were bored one day and went straight to Google Play store in order to find yourself a nice application to entertain you. You installed the said app, played with it and now you don’t consider using it again. I certainly find myself doing this a lot. But occasionally, I go and scroll around my installed applications to find the ones I don’t use.

The rule is simple, any application not used at least 3 weeks get instantly deleted. This way, the apps won’t start in the background and keep running, spend your battery life, moreover you will regain some space and make your device faster. One of those tips that speed up your android phone and to make your battery life run longer.

#3 – Disable the auto start on the applications

The applications run in the background constantly, by doing that they spend your battery faster and collect a lot of cached data. Just a few days before I decided on writing this post I was checking why my 4000 mAh battery drains in less than a day. Turns out the applications that I never start (system weather) are going on in the background constantly.

To prevent this, go in Settings -> Apps and tap on any application that is not system essential. Simply toggle the auto start option and you saved yourself some battery usage. A lot of devices have this feature built in from the start so you’ll need to change that manually. And remember to always do this after a factory reset of your phone.

NOTE: Not all applications have the option to disable the auto-start feature.

#4 – Android Games

Some of us like playing games on the computer, some of us prefer consoles. A relatively new trend is mobile gaming on your phone. Many of the games apps are optimized properly, and then there are the ones that will take all the resources including drain your battery faster.

As previously you can disable the auto start, but also go in the in-game settings to disable any push notifications that you might get. Aside from clogging your notification area, they also mean that the game is partially running in the background so it can deliver the notifications to you. Remember if you downloaded it and you don’t play it, simply remove it.

#5 – Do you really need to be online 24/7?

There are many benefits to quit your online life for a while. One of them is you will talk to people in personal. Users nowadays tend to forget that quite regularly. We all want to check our Facebook feed and Instagram popular news and photos, and we usually forget and stay almost 24/7 online. But there is another benefit of quitting your online life for a while.

Your android device will run faster and your battery will be drastically preserved if you disable Mobile Data and Wi-Fi on your device. Bluetooth an GPS are also two options that constantly keep running in the background even though you don’t need them ON. Enable the automatic power save mode on your phone. You can set the mode to run while you go to bed at a specific time frame. If you are worried that messages from the internet won’t reach you, remember, the good old SMS still exists and works flawlessly.

One BONUS tip: Remember to restart your phone from time to time and also do factory reset on your android device (after you’ve made a backup of your files).

Well… there you have it people. I know it’s been some time since I shared anything on the blog but some changes are coming and there will be more content soon. Until next time feel free to roam around. And share in the comments section any advice on top of the 5 tips and tricks to make your Android faster.