We here at Fox Media House enjoy video editing. And our post production specialist has these 5 tips that will make your job in video editing way easier. Just make sure you write them down, or bookmark us for quick access. Video editing is a long process, and these tricks will help you finish the job quicker then ever! Sure, a big role in your skills has practicing and time that you dedicate to practicing your work. Always be on updated with latest techniques. Now let’s dig in, and see the tricks that will make your work easier.

1. Pacing the tempo

set up the pace

The way I look at editing is almost like you are listening to your favorite song. It has beginning, a rise, a fall ,you have an end ,chorus…etc. If you have a song that is too fast, or you have edited too fast, the information is going to go too fast and the audience will not have enough time to absorb and if it’s too slow they are going to get bored in the first 10-15 sec.

2. Choosing the right take

Always let the performance choose and dictate which take you are going to use. You can choose the most beautiful looking take and it will not enhance your story, you are going to loose all feelings and it’s not going to help you in the end.

3. B-Roll buffet

Especially in an interviewing setting having too much B-roll is never a bad idea. As an editor you are always going to cut the ends, pauses, anything to keep that pacing in that tempo secure. So you can`t have enough B-roll.

4. Multiple audio sources

Microphone picture by drestwn

Almost in every editing process you’ll have an audio sources that doesn’t work. So having an extra microphone is never a bad idea because it can be windy out or too noisy, you will have technical problem, or you’re going to forget to turn on the microphone. So, having an extra microphone is always a great option.

5. The last defense

You are the last person in the production line as far as quality control goes. So if you are having a spelling error in a lower third, or you are missing an audio transition, or even a visual transition, it is your fault. Always pay attention before you hit the render button, make sure that it is completed 110%.


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