Deep space and astro photography is something that i really enjoy. Being an amateur astro photographer myself i follow a lot of groups on Facebook. This is a selection of some of the best (according to me) astro photography posts on Facebook.

8 beautiful pictures to feast your eyes upon. Some of them taken with a camera and a regular camera lens. On the other hand some of them are taken with a DSLR camera and a Newtonian telescope.

#1 – Final Destination by Kaszás Gergő

The Telamon (Temple Hall) was on route from San Pedro from the Ivory Coast to Thessaloniki with a cargo of logs when she sprung a leak and was forced to run aground in Arrecife, Lanzarote on the 31st October 1981.
The tropical storm – that caused the leak – “Joseph” was formed on October 29th over the northern Atlantic Ocean, heading north-north-east before settling down over the Azores Islands on November 2nd.

#2 Milky way – Sam Markham

This morning while most of you were probably very cosy and warm sleeping in your bed, I ventured out at 1am equipped with camera, tripod and a high powered torch in hand to a very familiar location that I have shot several times before, Bombo Quarry on the Kiama Headland in search of my first Milk Way shot of 2017. The Milky Way has only just started to come back into our night sky. This image was taken around 4:20am when the Milky Way was at its peak, I was also lucky enough to capture a shooting star which can be seen in the top right corner of the image. The Milky Way didn’t hang around to long after this image was taken it was chased down by the morning sun which took away the darkness.

© Sam Markham
#3 Esteban Friedman – Milky way, Andes, Chile

MW from cordillera de los andes Chile
one shot after trek
nikon d750
15-30mm f2.8

#4 Road to the Big Dipper – Yuri Beletsky

Summer nights at Yellowstone National Park are truly amazing ! You’ve got to witness beautiful scenery as well as gorgeous night sky. This is one of my images from the park which I obtained back in August. The Big Dipper culminates over the geyser field (one of them is visible far on the foreground) and we were lucky to get a slight hint of aurora ! Would you this road ? To enhance the contrast on the sky I used “Clear sky” filter from Optolong Filter. I hope you’ll enjoy the view

© Yuri Beletsky
#5 Night on the island – Yuri Beletsky

Stargazing at Easter Island in the Southern Pacific is truly spiritual experience ! Here is the scene I manage to capture during one of those moments, when I suddenly noticed some glow coming from beneath the hill in front of me. The light pattern looked like some sort of unearthly lights .. Although it turned out they belonged to a passing by car (what it was doing late at night in such place ?), the whole scene was really eye catching. Jupiter is rising just above the hill and two palm trees complete the composition. I hope you’ll enjoy the view

© Yuri Beletsky
#6 Thor’s Helmet – Bob and Janice Fera

A beautiful picture of the Thor’s Helmet nebulae with all of the beauty of deep space.

#7 Orion Nebulae – Dumans

M42 – Orion Nebula from our red zone backyard. (12/02/2016 Orlando, FL)

#8 Helix Nebulae – Paddy Gilliland

Locations: Deep Sky West Remote Observatory (DSW), Rowe, New Mexico, United States. Been a few weeks since I last processed.
The Helix Nebula is one of those iconic deep sky objects (planetary nebula) that draws you into the hobby.

© Paddy Gilliland

If you feel like you want to join to the crowd of astro photography take a look at my article “An introduction to astrophotography


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