Since we’ve started working in our little home that has foxes running around we get quotes from clients and we try to respond as fast as possible. But that is not the part of this story. The part of this story is about getting information which is relevant to your project and details which can help you achieve the final goal, and that is the perfect web site or the perfect design or the perfect campaign, you choose. Here are couple of things that designers hate!

Here’s a scenario… Someone is asking for a design. The initial text I get for the design is:

We need a design for a card, details can be found on the website, and feel free to take the logo from the website

First and most important, you NEVER¬†ever ask your designer to do a design with the instructions to take the logo out of a website, much less give him a word document and tell him, here’s the logo. Let me explain a bit about this. When you give raster image any resizing done to the image will affect it, and make it all smuged and blurry, which will bring headaches to the designer and in the end the client would say the logo does not look good. How can we avoid this story? Simple, always provide your designer with a vector logo or a PDF of the logo.

Here’s the deal I like this, everything is great but my wife says she doesn’t like the color

Next on the list is when clients think that designers have a magic globe in which we predict what they want simply by saying:”I want it modern”. Modern what? Modern car, modern apartment? Give us something that you find interesting, tell us more about the company, give us some sweet juicy details that we will be able to use in order to create the perfect design.

Last on this list that will be updated is the MY WIFE SAYS situation. Let’s be clear, I don’t sugest that you don’t ask anyone about the design proposal that you recieved, but maybe, just maybe, some of your friends know nothing about good design and lack of taste, so that they sugest you do some silly changes. As designer it’s my job to keep up with latest trends, and help you go up in your business from the visual aspect. You can ask your wife, but you can not add flowers on a logo for a body building center simply because she wants that.

With that said, let me recap what would I need (and I hope the rest of the designer community agrees with me) to create the perfect design:

  • Vector logo, if you are creating some printed material or even for digital purposes;
  • Say what would you like to see. Express your wishes;
  • Comments and feedback is always welcome;
  • Precise comments will help the project get finished faster.


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