GMail gets a redesign – Check out the new features

GMail gets a redesign, that is a fact! The most popular mailing client is set for a redesign, and so far it looks awesome. Aside from the looks, you also get new features. These changes will affect how you work on your e-mail and should make your mail less time consuming. The update is not immediate, and will roll out in phases. This means that it might take some time before you get the new looks and features.

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If you feel lucky, go into the settings options (gear on the right top corner). Inside, you should have an option that says “Try the New Gmail”. If you have it great news, if not you’ll have to wait and check. There are interesting options inside, and this change will definitely be something that you enjoy.

Quick buttons

Now you will have an option to hover over the mail and either archive it, delete it, mark it as read or snooze it.

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The snooze option is something very new and something that a lot of people will like it. Especially the busy ones! The Snooze option will make the e-mail go away for some time (of your choice) only to appear in time that works for you to read that mail. This should help with your response time especially if you are a business or a Media House like us.

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A gentle nudge

Remember that e-mail that you said you’ll respond to it in couple of hours? Or, have you ever kept an e-mail unopened only to have it forgotten? GMail will now remind you how long your mail has been unread.

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Quick access to G Suite apps

This option gives you Google Caledar, Google Tasks and Google Keep on the right side. With the quick access you won’t have to run around when you need to note something or make a calendar appointment. As an added bonus, there is an option to add more apps.

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New addition – The Confidential Mode

This really reminds me of Snapchat and it’s feature for messages to be gone when you read them. In this mode the recipient can’t forward it, download it or print the message that you’ve sent. The mode sends a link to a message rather than the e-mail itself and when opened that link expires and is gone.

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These changes come as a great refreshment to GMail, and these changes promise to make your mailing experience even greater. Let’s just hope that Google will roll out the update sooner for everyone.


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