In most of the cases in my life I faced problems whenever I was supposed to start working. Whenever I had to start a new assignment, I just sat there staring at the walls thinking that something will eventually happen without any motivation. Of course, in the end nothing happened and I would catch myself procrastinating and getting stressed over my work not getting done.

Unlike many of those posts that present secrets which get your work magically done, THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM. This post will show you my tricks and tips for getting your job done, and not feeling bad while doing it.

What’s the time? – Ask yourself, how long will it take me to finish the job? Be realistic, what someone thinks is 5 minutes for you it might be 30 minutes. Give yourself a deadline of 3 days to finish the job and if you cross it, penalize yourself. The penalty should be something that you won’t like, for example, you won’t go out for a coffee with your friends, until you finish the job.

No social media! – Let’s be honest… Facebook and Twitter are one of the biggest helpers in procrastination. These are your options in solving this problem: 1) limit your internet access (if you don’t need it); or 2) sign out of Facebook and Twitter until further notice. Personally I’d go with the second option since internet access is crucial to my work.

Background noise? – Some people like listening to music while they work or let the TV on to feel less lonely and others like it sound proof. Find your favorite music, add it to an hour long playlist, press the repeat button for the whole playlist and go, go, go! You will catch yourself dancing on the rhythm every time you do something good.

The reward! – Besides being a designer, I am also an adrenaline addict. What does this have to do with motivation? A lot! Here’s what it is all about to me. As a mountain biker, I climb mountains and if you haven’t known, it’s very difficult to climb a steep hill. My motivation behind climbing, even the steepest hills is that afterwards, I have to get down… and I do it in high speed! Remembering the thrill of the ride down the hill, helps me climb it! So, when I design I remind myself of the award from it. The time flies faster and as a result I get cash, to go wherever I want.

Having healthy working habits helps you finish the job faster. Also, it will save you the time feeling bad because your work isn’t finished. What is your motivation? How do you force yourself to get things done? Next time you need to finish something remember this process: give yourself a deadline, focus, make yourself comfortable in while working and thing of the reward awaiting you at the end!


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