Opera browser v.45 latest update

Opera browser v.45

Opera browser version 45 is released as of today, and believe me there is only one way I can explain how I feel about this update, and that is, AWESOME!!!

As posted on Opera Blogs the latest Opera update to version 45 is codenamed reborn, and with good intents, the new browser brings some goodies introduced in Opera Neon.

First things first. The new update brings up a choice between a light and a dark theme. Me being a big fan of dark themes I instantly went for it and I don’t regret it. The theme looks awesome and very stylish, also it’s flat, like Netherlands flat.

Dark and light theme in Opera Browser v.45 Image courtesy of Opera

The dark gray color of the interface looks awesome, and if you want to be eco friendly it will save you power. Another point on the dark theme goes for readability as it doesn’t put too much strain on you eyes.

Implemented Messenger and WhatsApp

Next thing that i utterly like is the option to have Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp web directly at your fingertips. How you ask? Simple, by having the sidebar pinned on the left side you have direct access to Messenger, WhatsApp, Bookmarks, News, Extensions, Download, History and settings. Pretty much save you the hustle of going through the menu options.

Opera browser v.45 Facebook Messenger docked on the sidebar in action. Image courtesy of Opera

If you are a person like me, then most definitely you’ll enjoy this option, mostly because I tend to procrastinate by checking if someone wrote on messenger, by constantly clicking the Facebook tab.

The new redesign also features a remake on the icons of the browser as mentioned above. And there are more animations within the browser itself.

All of the details for the new update can be found on the Opera blog post

Enjoy the new version


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